In response to our dealers requests, MediTek will be upgrading the E & D range in the second half of 2017. This will help our customers operate more efficiently in their business and gain a competitive edge, especially in relocation work...

Some of the changes that make installation, re-handing and relocation easier are as follows;

The Delta Rail will be anodized as standard and incorporate the "D" charging circuit for commonality. The gear rack, albeit it looks unchanged, has had its depth reduced to cut the rack weight in half. Significant for the one man install many dealers want. Stock Lengths 1re 4.3m 4.75m and 6.22m. 

All these revisions make installation and relocation much easier.

The OSG switch will be relocated to the outside of the stairlift chassis for easier maintenance

Re-handing at the touch of a button

Another new MediTek innovation improved:

Re-hand the controller at the click of a a button