Square Cut "D" Rail at the bottom

(At the time of writing it was not clear if the cap was available on the 'E' rail)

This may be done when:

  • The rail is cut on site, some dealers cut the rail, rack and ICCC (Charge Strip) with a disc saw at the bottom in one cut. This keeps all the factory wiring, top rail mitre and rack cut back in tact at the top and saves considerable time.
  • On an external when the rail is cut short for access as a FHT (Folding Hinge Track) cannot be fitted externally.
  • When an external is cut short to keep the rail out of water and debris plus easy cleaning under the rail with a broom.
  • To avoid a hinge being required.

The rail and caps are in the eStore.

This solution obviously brings the footrest higher at the bottom, a trade off that needs careful consideration and consultation with the client.

Below shows the rail cut back one step