MEDItek External Stairlifts



Three class leading outdoor models to choose from ....


EX120 - DX160 - DXSP100


Offering multiple external mobility solutions.


Stand & Perch Shown



Battle the Elements.  Together. 



Need assistance outside?  


We have you covered with three models* to choose from :-


  • EX120  -  a 265 Lb Sit down stairlift

  • DX160 -  a 350 Lb Sit down stairlift

  • DXSP100 -  a 220 Lb Stand on stairlift


* MediTek stairlifts do not, as the name implies, need to be fitted on stairways at all. Stairlifts can be fitted on almost any terrain as long as suitable anchor points for the supports are provided and the slope does not exceed 45 degrees or 300 feet in length.





Reliable coverage.


The MediTek External lift is compatible with the MediTek cover, a simple addition to an external lift to extend its lifespan.