A guide to fitting an E120-2 with a door at the top of the stairs

The following images are to assist surveying and installing a MediTek Stairlift with a standard seat on a stairwell with a door immediately at the top. 

The stairlift is sent down on the remotes to close the door, possible as the continuous charging allows the lift to be parked anywhere

It will greatly assist the user if a double seat swivel is used, as the door jamb can be in the way of the swivel lever.

The rail does not have to be straight, the bottom can be kicked over towards the wall if required.

The lift in this case was fitted on the door latch and not the hinge side to keep the handrail.

If a wide seat is used then the turning circle will increase, if a stand and perch is used there is no turning circle.

  1. Measure the nose to 'x' dimension
  2. Measure the overrun i.e. Top nose to closed door along the fall line, with the tape resting on at least two stair noses. If this dimension is too tight, say 3 inches or less a vertical top cut would be advised.
  3. Measure the stair width
  4. Fill in the online survey form in the dealer section of this website for a quote by return
  5. If in doubt email some pictures with the tape measure in place to -  contact@meditekstairlifts.com

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