Got a question or a query? Or perhaps just need a tip or two? Then browse our list of the most common questions and the chances are you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.  If not, then please contact our technical support team: USA Office 919-387-1715   Tech line 919-268-1999. Email: contact@meditekstairlifts.com 


Arm display is showing RELAY FAULT

If your arm display is showing RELAY FAULT, please check the earth connection between the main PCB and carriage in the first instance.

If the earth connection is good, then please contact Technical support.


I am installing multiple ICS lifts. How do I program the ICS remote control code

When installing multiple lifts in one location, it is necessary to program the 2 remote controls for each lift to different codes.

There is a code selection jumper on the right hand side of the main PCB and one on the remote ( you have to unscrew the back of the remote). Both are set to a default of 1. Change both to a different number (1-4)


I have E1 E2 H6 H7 H8 or H9 on the 9 segment display, what does it mean?

E1 -  Powered swivel time out

E2 - Powered swivel open circuit

H6 - Brake failure

H7 - Seat position invalid

H8 - Invalid accessory selection

H9 Over temperature (lift is over temperature, leave to cool for ten minutes then try again)


I have a A2 a2 on the stairlifts 8 segment display, what does this mean?

Automatic folding hinge track open circuit

Cable to automatic hinge actuator is open or faulty actuator


I have a A1 a1 on the stairlifts 8 segment display, what does this mean?

Automatic folding hinge track time out

Has been running for 20 seconds and has not completed its operation


I have a P2 p2 on the stairlifts 8 segment display, what does this mean?

Powered platform open circuit

Cable to platform is open circuit or platform actuator fault (Mk1G)

I have a P1 p1 on the stairlifts 8 segment display, what does this mean?

Powered platform time out

Has been running for 20 seconds and not completed its operation


I have a U2 u2 on the stairlifts 8 segment display, what does this mean?

Pressure sensitive edge or footrest open circuit

Check the upper sensitive edge and footrest upper switch


I have a U1 u1 on the stairlifts 8 segment display, what does this mean?

Upper limit swich is open circuit

Check upper roller switch


I have a D2 d2 on the stairlifts 8 segment display, what does this mean?

The lower pressure sensative edge or footrest downside is open circuit

Check the lower pressure edge and footrest tray switch


I have a D1 d1 on the stairlifts 8 segment display, what does this mean?

Lower limit switch is open

Check lower roller switch


How do I code the control board to the remote controls?

While holding in the red infra red code set button, located bottom left on the main control board, the LED above should turn amber, press and hold either button on the remote control the amber light should go out within 2 -3 seconds.

Both remote controls should now operate the lift.


Is the charger interchangeable between MediTek ICS and CSE systems?

The correct charger must be used for the control system, they are not interchangeable. The correct labelled charger will be supplied with your stairlift.


H6 is coming up on the digital display what does it mean and how can I fix it.

H6 is the brake this could be the brake solenoid has gone or the software on the board has gone,To check the brake take the brown connections off the board and put one lead on a battery negative and by touching the other lead to battery positive the brake should click on-off if it does not work you will need a new brake if it works it means the software on the board has gone down and you will need a conversion kitto get the unit up and running as the A - G model boards are not available.


Power swivel seat is not working?

Check to ensure all the connections are correct.  Verify the actuator is working by using a cordless battery to test actuator.  If everything is connected properly and the actuator is working properly check the connections to the daughter board.  Make sure all the connectors are spliced correct and the wires are crimped and not the conduit around the wire also on the daughter board there are a set of dip switches numbered 1 to 4 make sure No 1 is in the on position and 2-3-and 4 are in the off position.The actuator may only turn round but will not come back the white and black from the main harness is the wrong way round the white goes to conn 6 and the black to conn 5 this will now work correctly


Can you supply a Stairlift for external use?

Yes, MediTek Stairlifts have been adapted for external use all over the world from the Swiss Alps to the citrus gardens of Israel to the Outback of Australia. The MediTek stairlift has become very popular for outside use due to its superior build quality and low maintenance features ensuring reliability and a low cost of ownership.


Can you convert a fixed seat to a swivel & vice versa?

Yes – a conversion kit can be sent out with the relevant parts to convert all fixed seat stairlifts to swivel seat except for the MediTek FS160 which has not been designed with the swivel seat option


How long does it take to receive spares?

Parts/spares can usually be despatched the same or following working day by the distributors preferred method of shipment. Depending where in the world these parts are being despatched and by what means would determine receipt. It is best to clearly state on the purchase order how urgently the parts are required and the preferred method of shipment.


Can you supply a Stairlift with a child seat?

Yes, MediTek has become renowned over the years for its ability to adapt its Stairlifts to individual or specialised needs. Non-standard is standard for the engineers at MediTek who have built stairlifts for babies and children with special needs. These adaptations have been approved by many government local authorities and occupational therapists.


How quickly can MediTek manufacture a straight stairlift?

5-10 days standard, however 24hrs can be accommodated for certain installations.

What is the minimum rail length for Powered Folding Hinge Track?

2000mm Nose to “x”


What ancillary equipment is available?

MediTek probably offers the widest range of Stairlifts and Ancillary Equipment on the market today and these can be seen in the product section. Many combinations of Stairlifts and Ancillary Equipment are possible.

  • Powered Folding Hinge Track (PFHT)

  • Powered Swivel Seat (PSS)

  • Seat to Footrest Linkage (SFRL)


What procedure should be adopted to replace the MediTek Drive Motor?

1. Remove the batteries
2. Remove the brake
3. Remove the motor connections to the board observing which colour wire came from which terminal
4. Release the restraining bolts/nuts holding the motor to the gearbox
5. Remove the motor vertically avoiding any twisting or sideways forces on the gearmesh
6. Remove the helical gear from the motor and swap over to the replacement motor ( if the gear was not sent with the spare motor) 
7. Ensure the helical gear on the motor is kept free from abrasion or burrs
8. Ensuring the motor power leads are correctly orientated carefully fit the replacement motor ensuring the gears are in mesh before sliding the motor vertically into position avoiding any twisting or sideways forces on the gearmesh. The motor shaft should be free to rotate as the helical gears mesh. 9. Spin the motor ensuring the drive is free of any resistance
10. Fit the brake
11. Replace the motor connections to the board
12. Replace the batteries
13. Test run the drive


When the Toggle switch was operated the lift gives a long tone and then moves slowly (CS controller only)

This applies to the MediTek Mk1D & Mk1E XSPEC (CSE125 Controller) and confirms the Batteries are low, a quick check of the battery terminal voltage should confirm this, the reading for fully charged batteries is about 29 volts. The immediate remedy is to change the batteries but the cause should be determined. Check if the stairlift has been switched off for a long period of time for whatever reason. If this is not the cause refer to the “Diagnostics” section under “Support”


Do you offer training for engineers and if so what does it cost?

Yes, MediTek believes strongly in devoting time to training its distributors. This helps Engineers to better understand the wide range of MediTek Stairlifts and Ancillary Equipment options plus those time saving tricks of the trade. It helps sales staff to better understand first hand how the range of options, features, advantages and benefits can help them meet more of their clients needs and therefore increase sales. Training is also an opportunity for establishing closer relationships between the distributor and the manufacturer. Training is beneficial to both parties.  please call for pricing.


Why are my charging pickups not touching the ICCC (copper strips)

There are several reasons that this problem may occur:

Issue 1

The current rail profile is not bilateral, the contact point varies by 3mm between the left and right hand configurations.

This can cause a problem when re-handing or replacing the ICCC pickup assembly as there are two different types of pickup assembly. These are easily told apart by the identification ring (groove) that appears on the left hand type.

In summary: -

Left hand pickups - Identification groove

Right Hand Pickups - NO Identification groove

Issue 2

The pickups have worn flat and will need replacing

Issue 3

Our older design incorporated an adjustable type pickup holder, if the pickups have worn flat then you can loosen the retaining bolts (two off) adjust closer, and re-tighten.

What do the letters ICS stand for?

ICS stands for Intelligent Control System.

This is the latest and in our opinion the best type of stairlift control system available today, with advanced diagnostics and alphanumeric display located in the arm moulding.

The repositioned and highly visible MediTek ICS Display will soon replace the 7 segment diagnostic display originally pioneered by MediTek.

The original display required a reference chart, now all the information is literally at your finger tips.

We believe this new diagnostic system will greatly improve the user lift interface and offer a much easier process of diagnosing lift stoppages over the telephone with the customer.  We also believe the MediTek ICS display, over time, will save dealers significant money by simply reducing the number of unnecessary emergency callout visits triggered by user related uncertainty.

Can I use the existing Footrest on older models

Yes, the mountings are the same

By writing down where the harness wiring goes in the green blocks on the board and by taking the old footrest off  including the mounting bracket.

Simply put the10mm bolt through the existing mounting bracket and place a spacer between the mounting bracket and the connecting bosses.

Just installed the stairlift and the display is flashing C

Just installed the MediTek Stairlift and there is a flashing "C" on the 7 Segment Display

Fault: No Charge

Fault detection procedure adopted:

  • Continuity test between battery negative and the rail - Tested OK

  • Continuity between the battery positive (continuity but some resistance, does not buzz out) and the ICCC (Integral Continual Charging Circuit) top copper strip or the control board (CSE) CONN18 and the top ICCC  copper strip - Tested OK

Carriage wired correctly:

  • Check correct wiring to the Terminal Block inside the top of the rail - OK

  • Check continuity between white wire connected to red wire in terminal block and top ICCC copper strip - Failed

Conclusion: Rail wired incorrectly:

Cause: The lift was re-handed and the ICCC Charging strip was "Flipped over" when transferred to the other side of the rail. The Red and Black wires to the copper strips did not correspond to the red and black wires on the charging pick ups.

Solution used:

Disconnect battery and mains power.

  • Disconnect wires from CSE Board Conn18 (Red) and Conn2 GND (Black) (Note wire terminations for rewiring!)

  • Remove ICCC Pick Up Holder

  • Cut off the 1/4" terminal female spade connectors on the Red and Black Wires

  • Pull the Charging Pins from the Plastic Holder

  • Replace the Charging Pins in the reverse order back into the Plastic Holder

  • Crimp on two new 1/4" Female Spade Connectors

  • Rewire

This solution was used as the lift was installed. In the workshop the rivets holding the copper strips to the plastic carrier can be drilled out (1/8" Drill), the strips swapped over and riveted back in.


Why is there a F fault on the display

The F fault is a final limit fault. The most common cause is the seat switch. The seat switch locates in a notch in the spigot ring. Check that the switch is located in the notch when the seat is in the normal position, if not the switch can be moved to the correct position.

Why is the chassis plate catching the ICCC charge strip plastic?

The chassis plates were changed to meet the new EN81-40 standard. This resulted in the edges being folded inwards rather than outwards.

On the first production batch the edge was within tolerance but was found to rub on ICCC plastic if the ICCC was not tight up against the rail.

SOLUTION: Ensure ICCC plastic is mounted tight up against side of rail, or remove carriage from rail and remove surplus material to attain the desired fit.

I have extra cables on my actuator for the powered swivel, what are they for?

As of the 31st of August 2010, MediTek's actuators for the Powered swivel and the Automatic folding hinge track have two extra cables on them. One is Yellow and the other is Blue. These extra cables are only needed for the AFHT as they are to power an attached audiable alarm that will be included with the hinge system.

Black - Power Negative

White - Power Positive

Yellow - Alarm Positive

Blue - Alarm Negative

The batteries on a stairlift have become such that the heat could be felt by the customer through the covers.

The Stairlift was a MediTek 120 Deluxe Mk1E XSPEC (export model with CSE 125 controller) which had been installed internally in a hot, humid climate 11 months prior to the reported symptoms. The only known circumstantial changes were recent electrical storms and high ambient temperatures (heat wave). The Batteries Part # M 7500 were changed to no avail, changing the controller M 750055 resolved the problem. The controller is currently being returned for analysis to determine the cause which will be published when known. Records show this has occurred only once before in the life of this controller (3years). Recommend change controller and batteries.

Can I speak to someone Technical?

Engineers can be contacted via Telephone, Fax or Email, details are available from the contact page.

What is the minimum rail length before a joint is required?


The Stairlift starts to move by a small amount then stops, or only clicks when the toggle switch on the armrest is operated?

This will be a result of little or no charge left in the batteries, a quick check of the battery terminal voltage should confirm this, the reading for fully charged batteries is about 29 volts. The immediate remedy is to change the batteries but the cause should be determined. Check if the stairlift has been switched off for a long period of time for whatever reason. 

Voltage in batteries reads 12volts each but lift still will not operate

Batteries - Power Fit batteries will show volts but there are no amps - replace batteriesTest by removing brake and connect motor direct accross one of the batteries to check power capacity, repeat for other battery.

What is the weight capacity of the Stairlift?

E120-2  265 IBS

D160     350 IBS

DSP100   220 IBS

Do you manufacture seats in different widths?

Yes, MediTek manufactures seats with widths between the armrests of 470mm (17.5inches)(Standard), 500mm (19.5 inches) and 550mm (21.5 inches). It should be remembered that increasing the arm width does increase the turning circle of the seat when swivelled at the top of the stairs. This will necessitate moving the rail further of the wall and require the minimum stair widths for installation to be considered.

The folding hinge track (automatic) was working fine, but has now stopped operating and will not travel in either direction.


The automatic folding hinge track can fail for a number of reasons; things to check:-

1. Is there power to the ICCC Copper strips on the front of the rail (note, this will only be live while the stairlift is in motion) - If not then the 5amp inline fuse may have blown or you may have a loose connection - this can be checked by basic continuity checks

2. Is there power being sent from the ancillary outputs on the board - If not then check that the small plastic jumper in in the correct position (AFHT) and that the bypass wiring (usually brown) has not been connected

3. Can the unit be powered by using separate batteries direct to the ICCC (This must only be checked with the lift isolated, as damage to the lift can occur if it is not isolated from the copper strips.) - if not then this would indicate a fault within the actuator or wiring on the actuator side.

4. Is the motor trying to operate but then failing to lift or close - Check that the locking plate located under the rail has not slipped back into the closed position and locked the hinge closed (this would usually blow the 5amp fuse also) - also check that the adjuster bolts (dome headed bolts within the folding hinge mechanism) are not stopping the hinge from opening due to friction - if necessary adjust these bolts.

What is the minimum stair width required to fit a MediTek straight stairlift with a standard width seat?

690mm swivel, 640mm fixed


Can I re-hand a MediTek stairlift?

Yes all parts are designed to enable the stairlift to be installed on both sides of the stairs with the exception of the Mk1A-E carriage in-fill piece Part No xxx (Refer to Parts Database for information to order). For further information refer to the guide for re-handing MediTek Stairlifts in the Support Section. - PG April 03

Please see relevant product section for re-handing information


What is the lowest/steepest stair angle a MediTek straight stairlift can run on?

MediTek Straight stairlifts can accommodate stairs between 16° to 52°. There are however some considerations that should be taken into account. On stair angles below 35 degrees it may become necessary to increase the height of the seat post to prevent the carriage cover from interfering with the seat when being levelled on installation. On steeper angles when the weight of the client is approaching the maximum permissible weight limit of the stairlift it may be prudent to consider upgrading to a higher capacity stairlift. The main advantage of upgrading is a much longer life can be expected from the stairlift as the stresses on the drive are reduced


I have a yellow light illuminated on the control board, what does this mean?

The yellow light on the control board can mean several things, this depends on the status of the light. 

Static and on all the time means that the software chip on the control board may have failed, sometimes this can be rectified by firmly pushing the software chip using your thumb (has a number starting MPO***/**) a flashing light while holding down the remote control or toggle switch indicates that the 25amp fuse on the control board has blown (early lifts of this type only). 

If the light flashes once or twice on activation of the stairlift then this would indicate a failure within the brake solenoid or one of its wiring components to rectify either check the wiring to find the break in continuity or replace the brake uni