The New E120-2

Weight Capacity 265 ibs



With unrivaled quality, comfort, and safety features at the entry-level, the E120-2 is redefining the meaning of value.  

The unrivaled design severs the association between high caliber and high cost. 

Discover the new and affordable MediTek E120-2.


Easy Fit.  Elegant Fit.

Meet the neat solution that requires no structural changes to your home.

(For details on the changes from the old model please visit the "News" page below)


A world of features as standard

With MediTek's Best Features as standard, the E-120 is a Market leader.


At last, a company that offers affordable freedom in your own home.



Power seat swivels allow the footrest and seat to be lifted simultaneously. 

MediTek offers manual or automated power seat swivels for a more convenient experience. 






The new Comfort Seat is not only efficient but elegant.  Its design incorporates a padded seat back and base along with improved dimensions for narrow stairs. 

With its new position on the stairlift and padded front edge, our design is more efficient and satisfying than ever.




MediTek invented the ICCC, a renowned class leading stairlift battery charging system that remains the best in the industry.

This unique and yet essential feature was designed by MediTek to prolong battery life by ensuring the stairlift batteries are always on charge regardless of where the lift is parked .

Parking or calling the stairlift couldn't be more convenient with the provided remote controls.

Its easy, worry free, and the extended battery life saves you money.



One of the finest features of the E-120 is the continued use of high quality parts.  

To make the best, we use the best. 




E120-2 Features Advantages and Benefits



E120-2 Stairlift Dimension Guide

* ICCC ( I triple C) or Integral Continuous Charging Circuit is a Trade Mark of the MediTek Corporation