MediTek on TV

MediTek on TV

MediTek Stairlift used on top TV comedy chat show

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The current series of the popular Paul O’Grady TV show features a MediTek E120 stairlift as part of the main set.  The stairlift is prominently featured each time Paul and his guests come onto the show, with many of them invited to ride down the stairs on it to the main stage.

 “This is not the first time Paul O’Grady has featured a MediTek stairlift as part of his act.  A few years ago, when he still performed as Lilly Savage, we supplied his production team a lift adorned in a special Leopard skin fabric. It was a great gimmick and provided much hilarity at the time along with some decent product exposure.

So we were delighted that a MediTek was again selected for the current show.  The lift was actually supplied and installed by Lincoln based, MediTek dealer, Obam stairlifts. “

Paul O’Grady is popular with all generations and while the lift provides a handy prop for many gags it does help to reduce and ease some of the stigma products such as stairlifts can often have.

Being featured on such a popular TV show is not just an honour, it’s a marketing gift says MediTek European Sales Manager, Anke Chapman. 

“Certainly we were very pleased that a MediTek stairlift was selected, but commercially speaking this was a real prize.  

Paul O’Grady is one of the country’s best loved presenters and comedians and his show attracts huge audience figures.  So to have our product so prominently displayed is worth its weight in gold, particularly when one considers how much it costs to advertise on prime time TV these days.”


Image courtesy of the Daily Mail




meditek ltd (map)


2009 Mr Derek Nicholson retires.

Mr Derek Nicholson, co-founder and director of MediTek takes a well earned rest after 30 years in the stairlift industry.

Mr Nicholson, who ran MediTek in the NE of England from 1995 to 2009, sold his shares back to the company and now enjoys life cruising round the world.

New 42,000 Sq Ft Factory

MediTek commits to growth

Ameriglide Picture.jpg

New Factory

Step One of the planned restructuring

Tuesday, 02 October 2012
As a result of continued growth MediTek is moving to a new modern manufacturing and administrative premises. 

The new address for MediTek with immediate effect is: 

Unit 35
Northfield Way
Aycliffe Business Park
Newton Aycliffe
County Durham

Tel: 01325 311442

Fax: 01325 312342

Email and website addresses remain unchanged..

In addition to a new factory layout, the new building also features an up-to-date training facility and showroom. 

The shareholders knew change was not possible in the 4 industrial units they occupied in Fishburn as there was no room to grow and all the operations had to be under one roof.

New Stairlift

New "D" Stairlift

New "D" StairliftRestructuring both the company and the products.

 MediTek launches the new range of heavy duty sit on and stand/perch stairlifts.

Export Award

Restructuring rewarded

Export Award 2

Export Award


MediTek wins export award for 2 years running

We are very pleased to announce that on Thursday 18th September the MediTek team awarded the Export Award at the first Make Your Mark Awards ceremony in Newton Aycliffe.

Over the last year MediTek have managed to enter into over 40 new territories and double our exports so it is a great delight that we have been rewarded for our hard work.

The awards, celebrating the successes of the companies situated in the Newton Aycliffe Business Park were a huge success and demonstrated the prosperity and innovation in the area.


Newton Aycliffe Business Park houses over 250 businesses and is soon to be the largest industrial estate in the North East.

New Economy Range

MediTek E120 Stairlift News

New E120-2


Summer 2015


Simply Elegant and Elegantly Simple.


As part of the restructuring process MediTek is upgrading all its product starting with the economy stairlift, the E120-2.


New features include:


  • New ergonomic seat cushions, we call the "comfort Seat" featuring more padding to the seat base under the knees and a seat back set further back.  With the seat frame tipped back 5 degrees the user now feels a significant improvement in seating position and comfort compared to the previous model. 
  • Aesthetics: The seat shape has been revised for comfort and looks
  • The YEW fabric which was standard on the deluxe range is now standard on the E and replaces the Alura 
  • A retractable seat belt replaces the lap strap keeping the lift tidy and uncluttered.
  • Steel under seat tray powder coated cream to match the seat frame. The steel cover replaces the old plastic cover vastly improving the appeal and quality 
  • Diagnostics are relocated to the chassis and are no longer critical to the function of the stairlift. 
  • Simple rehanding. Vastly improved with only 3 wires in the seat frame
  • Bench testing. The diagnostics are on the carriage so re-handing in software, circuit testing, and lift operation can be conducted on the bench without the need to fit the seat.
  • OSG (Over Speed Governor) standard on all MediTek stairlifts, has been improved with a new switch, spring and wiring harness layout set on the outward facing chassis plate. Being relocated from the inside of the lift dramatically improves access, reliability and serviceability.  
  • Carriage switches-previously activated by chassis plate bobbins have been completely redesigned and relocated for trouble free positive engagement.
  • Simplified guarding "Ski Guards" to speed installation

In summary

MediTek is "Raising the standard"

The lift has been simplified to regain that fit and forget, its comfort dramatically improved, quality significantly raised and all at a lower price. The  E120-2 has been welcomed by all our dealers as a major step forward for the company and a major contributor to growing sales and new dealers partnering with MediTek. 


New Machinery

MediTek restructures production

MediTek's new Managing Director, Mr Carmedy-Pye, oversees the first change in manufacturing with the installation of the SAFAN Brake Press.

Reha Germany

2016 MediTek Exhibits with its German Partner Hawle 

Setting up the Stand

New USA Headquarters

New USA Subsidiary

MediTek USA Headquarters Raleigh, North Carolina. USA

As part of the restructuring programme MediTek opens its new headquarters to serve the North American market in December 2015



MediTek Supports Internship

Many students look to the summer break as a time to try and get a holiday job or internship to help give them valuable work experience to help aid in their studies and prepare for applying for fulltime employment. 

Kane Daglish, a law student at Durham University, is one such individual who was seeking such a placement.  And as she explains, like many, she found getting even short-term summer work is not an easy process.

“I’d applied for numerous vacation schemes and other internships but had been unsuccessful. There were many and varied reasons, but the result was always the same. I was becoming despondent until I applied to MediTek Stairlifts.  The company offered me a place in their customer services department and I’m hopingto use my time here to get a better understanding of the day-to-day aspects of a company across all of its areas with a view to becoming more commercially aware and be able to better understand and evaluate external influences on a business.”


“In the future I hope to continue down the legal career path. I am particularly keen to concentrate on company law, a module I am studying next year, and work closely with businesses.

Speaking of the decision to offer Kane her internship MediTek Managing director said;

MediTek has always been a big supporter of the student work schemes over the years, we always take a fair number of school places and we are more than happy to help Kane further her commercial skills and knowledge through this internship, and she is certainly proving herself to be more than capable.”


Stairlift for Westminster

MediTek manufactures an exclusive black stairlift for Westminster in London England ...........


Any colour you like, as long as its black....
People who need an externally rated stairlift can normally choose from a number of companies supplying outdoor lifts. Unless that is, they reside in the borough of Westminster in the city of London England.
That reason? Well this particular council has a strict community housing policy that dictates that all fixtures and fittings earmarked for the streets or those adorning the outside of property, must be black in appearance.
External stairlifts are becoming more common these days and when Westminster City Council asked local mobility company, Freeway Stairlift Services, to supply them one they had a problem. To meet the councils conditions the entire lift, seat, carriage and rail must be black. These conditions were so strict they were unable to make any exceptions, no matter how deserving the need. It posed a real problem as no manufacturer makes a black stairlift.
However, after being approached by Freeway Stairlift Services for help, MediTek were able to accommodate the request and went about manufacturing a ‘special’ all black lift to meet the council’s requirements.
The lift was recently installed to the delight of the Westminster City Council and their tenant.
Speaking of the ‘special’ MediTek operations manager, Alan Robinson said. “At MediTek we often get strange and unusual requests for ‘special’ adaptations or modifications to meet certain needs. So long as it is safe to do and commercially viable then we will do our best to accommodate. In the case of the black stairlift it wasn’t that difficult. I suppose Westminster is quite a prestigious location for one of our external lifts, but I think most outlandish one I can remember is the ‘leopard skin’ version we made for the Lilly Savage TV Show.”

ISO 9001

MediTek Stairlifts ISO 9001


JUNE 2016

MediTek passes its ISO Audit with flying colours and was praised by the auditors for the companies startling progress, improvements and turnaround.

Mr Carmedy-Pye MediTek's Managing Director commented " I want to thank everyone at MediTek for their hard work and support leading up to and throughout the ISO audit."


USA Celebrate


June 2016

MediTek has turned the business around and the future looks great for the growing company.

Handicare aquires Prism

Handicare Prism.jpg

Handicare acquires Prism

As the venture capitalists consolidate the mobility market for greater profits we ask is this good for the customer?  

1st September 2016
Handicare announced today the acquisition of Prism Medical Ltd - a patient handling company in North America located in Toronto, Canada and St. Louis, USA. 

Prism Medical’s revenue for 2016 will be in the range of 50M USD . The new combined product portfolio and sales network will put Handicare in a top tier position in North America. 

Engineering Graduates



After a great 6 months on Placement, Darren Mason heads back to Huddersfield University.

Whilst on a sandwich year Darren spent his time working in the Research and Development department at Meditek, helping with the designing and constant improvements on the Stairlifts.

Darren said “I have really enjoyed it here and feel like I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge, I’ve met a lot of fantastic people who have all made me feel part of the team, In such a short time of only six months I can’t believe how much this has helped me with my course, and I really hope I have the opportunity to come back to Meditek”

Martin Pugh head of engineering said” Darren has been an asset to the department and will be missed for not only his humour but his willing to work and great effort he puts into everything he does. I hope we will be welcoming him back very soon”

All the team at Meditek wish Darren every success in his future and look forward to meeting up again

New eStore

MediTek Spares available On-line

MediTek USA opens its on-line spare parts store to help serve dealers across the Continental United States and overcomes the difficulties of serving customers on different time zones (up-to 3 hrs).

The new site offers assistance in choosing, buying and installing the parts needed .

Dealer feedback has been overwhelming.

Feedback from a prominent dealer.

 "Dealing with MediTek was always difficult in the past knowing how to select the right spare part for our clients. The USA eStore is not only informative makes ordering easy. We appreciate the free technical support too which has improved considerably. We ordered the part online and had immediate delivery. MediTek has surpassed its competitors in service and its a welcome change. We will be doing more business with MediTek." 

UK Opening Day

meditek stairlifts

Opening Day

Phil Cardemy – Pye MD of MediTek welcomes John Davison CEO of Supportive to the UK Opening Day

MediTek enjoys support for its open day in the UK

Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support

Pictured above is Michelle Muir Senior Fundraising Manager for Macmillan Cancer Support along with some of the team at Meditek Stairlifts at the launch of their Partnership.

With a donation from every sale and a committed team for fund raising Meditek are looking forward to help raise money for people fighting with cancer.

Macmillan Cancer Support is a fantastic charity we are very privileged to be able to support, cancer touches so many people and with the work that these wonderful people offer they help make peoples journey that little bit easier at such an important time.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

MediTek in House Powder Coat Partnership