MediTek Supports Internship

Many students look to the summer break as a time to try and get a holiday job or internship to help give them valuable work experience to help aid in their studies and prepare for applying for fulltime employment. 

Kane Daglish, a law student at Durham University, is one such individual who was seeking such a placement.  And as she explains, like many, she found getting even short-term summer work is not an easy process.

“I’d applied for numerous vacation schemes and other internships but had been unsuccessful. There were many and varied reasons, but the result was always the same. I was becoming despondent until I applied to MediTek Stairlifts.  The company offered me a place in their customer services department and I’m hopingto use my time here to get a better understanding of the day-to-day aspects of a company across all of its areas with a view to becoming more commercially aware and be able to better understand and evaluate external influences on a business.”


“In the future I hope to continue down the legal career path. I am particularly keen to concentrate on company law, a module I am studying next year, and work closely with businesses.

Speaking of the decision to offer Kane her internship MediTek Managing director said;

MediTek has always been a big supporter of the student work schemes over the years, we always take a fair number of school places and we are more than happy to help Kane further her commercial skills and knowledge through this internship, and she is certainly proving herself to be more than capable.”