MediTek E120 Stairlift News

New E120-2


Summer 2015


Simply Elegant and Elegantly Simple.


As part of the restructuring process MediTek is upgrading all its product starting with the economy stairlift, the E120-2.


New features include:


  • New ergonomic seat cushions, we call the "comfort Seat" featuring more padding to the seat base under the knees and a seat back set further back.  With the seat frame tipped back 5 degrees the user now feels a significant improvement in seating position and comfort compared to the previous model. 
  • Aesthetics: The seat shape has been revised for comfort and looks
  • The YEW fabric which was standard on the deluxe range is now standard on the E and replaces the Alura 
  • A retractable seat belt replaces the lap strap keeping the lift tidy and uncluttered.
  • Steel under seat tray powder coated cream to match the seat frame. The steel cover replaces the old plastic cover vastly improving the appeal and quality 
  • Diagnostics are relocated to the chassis and are no longer critical to the function of the stairlift. 
  • Simple rehanding. Vastly improved with only 3 wires in the seat frame
  • Bench testing. The diagnostics are on the carriage so re-handing in software, circuit testing, and lift operation can be conducted on the bench without the need to fit the seat.
  • OSG (Over Speed Governor) standard on all MediTek stairlifts, has been improved with a new switch, spring and wiring harness layout set on the outward facing chassis plate. Being relocated from the inside of the lift dramatically improves access, reliability and serviceability.  
  • Carriage switches-previously activated by chassis plate bobbins have been completely redesigned and relocated for trouble free positive engagement.
  • Simplified guarding "Ski Guards" to speed installation

In summary

MediTek is "Raising the standard"

The lift has been simplified to regain that fit and forget, its comfort dramatically improved, quality significantly raised and all at a lower price. The  E120-2 has been welcomed by all our dealers as a major step forward for the company and a major contributor to growing sales and new dealers partnering with MediTek.