MediTek Restructures

MediTek starts a restructuring programme

In January 2013 MediTek decided to restructure its business to meet the demands of its long standing and loyal dealers.

The shareholders realised change was needed and some hard and even emotional decisions would be called for to ensure a strong future for the company.

So why did MediTek restructure its business?

MediTek was formed by engineers first with battery stairlifts, heavy duty stairlifts external stairlifts, and designing stairlifts for other companies.

MediTek later formed and operated as a niche company focused on being the best in specialised high quality stairlifts  and  soon gained an enviable reputation for such.

The problem with a niche market is that its just that, a niche market.

MediTek decided to become a mainstream supplier but ran into supply problems, the company could not meet demand. 

MediTek would not forgo its reputation and opted for the same quality but the ability to meet demand.

Some competitors opted for inferior designs, easier to produce, but unfortunately they soon paid the price as has been witnessed online. 

MediTek had no choice, to meet demand for a quality stairlift at a competitive price restructuring was essential. 

It has been a resounding success.