MediTek on TV

MediTek Stairlift used on top TV comedy chat show

MediTek Stairlift on TV.jpg

The current series of the popular Paul O’Grady TV show features a MediTek E120 stairlift as part of the main set.  The stairlift is prominently featured each time Paul and his guests come onto the show, with many of them invited to ride down the stairs on it to the main stage.

 “This is not the first time Paul O’Grady has featured a MediTek stairlift as part of his act.  A few years ago, when he still performed as Lilly Savage, we supplied his production team a lift adorned in a special Leopard skin fabric. It was a great gimmick and provided much hilarity at the time along with some decent product exposure.

So we were delighted that a MediTek was again selected for the current show.  The lift was actually supplied and installed by Lincoln based, MediTek dealer, Obam stairlifts. “

Paul O’Grady is popular with all generations and while the lift provides a handy prop for many gags it does help to reduce and ease some of the stigma products such as stairlifts can often have.

Being featured on such a popular TV show is not just an honour, it’s a marketing gift says MediTek European Sales Manager, Anke Chapman. 

“Certainly we were very pleased that a MediTek stairlift was selected, but commercially speaking this was a real prize.  

Paul O’Grady is one of the country’s best loved presenters and comedians and his show attracts huge audience figures.  So to have our product so prominently displayed is worth its weight in gold, particularly when one considers how much it costs to advertise on prime time TV these days.”


Image courtesy of the Daily Mail