Stairlift for Westminster

MediTek manufactures an exclusive black stairlift for Westminster in London England ...........


Any colour you like, as long as its black....
People who need an externally rated stairlift can normally choose from a number of companies supplying outdoor lifts. Unless that is, they reside in the borough of Westminster in the city of London England.
That reason? Well this particular council has a strict community housing policy that dictates that all fixtures and fittings earmarked for the streets or those adorning the outside of property, must be black in appearance.
External stairlifts are becoming more common these days and when Westminster City Council asked local mobility company, Freeway Stairlift Services, to supply them one they had a problem. To meet the councils conditions the entire lift, seat, carriage and rail must be black. These conditions were so strict they were unable to make any exceptions, no matter how deserving the need. It posed a real problem as no manufacturer makes a black stairlift.
However, after being approached by Freeway Stairlift Services for help, MediTek were able to accommodate the request and went about manufacturing a ‘special’ all black lift to meet the council’s requirements.
The lift was recently installed to the delight of the Westminster City Council and their tenant.
Speaking of the ‘special’ MediTek operations manager, Alan Robinson said. “At MediTek we often get strange and unusual requests for ‘special’ adaptations or modifications to meet certain needs. So long as it is safe to do and commercially viable then we will do our best to accommodate. In the case of the black stairlift it wasn’t that difficult. I suppose Westminster is quite a prestigious location for one of our external lifts, but I think most outlandish one I can remember is the ‘leopard skin’ version we made for the Lilly Savage TV Show.”