First things first, make sure the key is in the ON position under the arm rest or on the chassis. if so continue reading.

1. Check to make sure the inline fuse between the two batteries are not blown. if so replace with 25 amp one.

2. The wall charger needs to have a steady green light. if flashing green then there is a short somewhere on the rail. look for a spliced wire or bad ground. if red or orange light then the wall charger needs replacing. make sure to take note of the volt charger. Meditek has three models available.

3. Check the charge strip on the rail.Take a reading with a volt meter with the positive on the copper strip and ground to the motor. you should have around 27 volts. if not then there is an issue with the connection inside the rail connecting the rail and wall charger. check the screws in the clear blocks are tight.

take the charge pin connector off the main pcb and take a reading. should have 27 volts. if not then there is a wiring issue with the rail or a new charge pin is needed due to the copper pin wearing down not making connect.

4. Remove the red white and black wire off the main pcb and get a reading off the three small prongs on the board. red is top, white is middle and black is bottom. red to black should have 27v. white to black should have 13v. if you do not have correct voltage at this location then you have a bad main board. DO NOT TOUCH THE RED AND WHITE TOGETHER. THIS WILL SHORT THE MAIN PCB.

5. plug back in the red white and black wire and come up to the seat. remove the plastic cover under the bottom seat cushion. you will see a dummy pcb. remove the red white and black wire and take reading like above, if you find an issue here this will be due to a break in the wire. fix the break or replace the wires.

6. Connect the red white and black wire to the dummy board and remove the yellow red and blue wire from the dummy board. look to see what wires trace to where to find if dummy board is faulty.

7. Plug back in the yellow red and blue wire and come up to the armrest where the display is on. remove the two number 3 screws. this will allow access to the arm board. upon removing arm board from armrest disconnect the yellow red and blue connecotr to test those wire. if faulty replace wiring.

8. Last thing to check would be the rocker switch on the up side of the stairlift. you can jump this out to see if there is a faulty rocker switch.

If you need further assistance please call tech support at 919-268-1999 or the office 919-387-1715.